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Perfect Imperfection

Do we seek the perfect sound when playing the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl for others? Or are we surrendering and allowing the Sounds of the Bowls to express?

Perfectionism at a healthy level, is not "an imperfect" personality trait that seeks to deliver at a high level and strive to improve next time. The downsides arise if this becomes an unconscious habit and causes unnecessary anxiety.


"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

- Albert Einstein

Adopting a "balanced approach" with the motivation of the benefits makes it

more effortless than trying hard to overcome perfectionism.


Taking Action - "Move it"

Fail in delivery and taking action when you are stuck so much in perfectionism! Afraid of the disappointing outcome. Does this sound familiar to you? The breakthrough here is to focus on taking action over perfection. When you feel stuck or procrastinate, the next time, try to focus on the process of doing rather than the perfect & flawless outcome. The satisfaction of translating our ideas into action (maybe imperfect) will be a better winner over preserving the ideal "me" and outcome in mind.


Living New Experiences

Living a life within the familiarity and comfort zone does feel safe and secure. What is the life story that you like to share in your 80s? Encourage ourselves to have a beginner's mind to try something that you have wanted to learn or to do. As a start, we may be imperfect, and results could be below our expectation. It's the journey and not the destination that we are reaching. A humble novice today could become a Master down the road in the future.


Being Authentic - SHOW UP as ME

Show Up as who we are. Unlocking our mind and willingness to be less than perfect allow the Authentic self to shine through.

Click on the video to receive and tuned by the sweet loving tones of the 8"E+40 Tanzanite Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl!

Sings the Harmony of Truth while Celebrate the Authentic Self. Calms and soothes your mind, drop the mask of self-protection, embrace your true self with enlightened compassion, inviting joy in your life.

Close your eyes, use your breathe to relax further in each moment, listen with an intention to tune your being with the Tanzanite frequencies.


The external perfection will not fulfil the internal needs and replace the lack within. Striving to be perfect may hinder us from enjoying the organic nature of life. Enjoy the Perfect Imperfection and explore how this could shift your art of playing the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl!

Evolving Self with Sound Universe!

You may book a Private Session if you would like to experience a Sound Healing Session and begin a journey of loving self-acceptance.

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