Since a very young age, Sarleia-Betty was always aspired to serve and uplift others. She cultivated her passion and goal through years of volunteering service at various organisations. Her passion has then evolved over the years by offering counselling, healing and meditation sessions.


For the past 6 years, she has been involved in Sound Universe Singapore, (established in 2012) a platform where she can share the Art of Sound Healing Medicine as well as Energy and Vibrational Healing.


Besides facilitating operations, Sarleia-Betty is a certified Practitioner of Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl and Monochords (string instrument). She specialises in assisting people towards alignment through acoustic harmonics.


She is a seasoned practitioner of mindfulness meditation, an adventurer in life, and an advocate of healthy heart-mind-body living.


Sarleia dedicates her life to be in service to others and is actively pursuing a study of quantum healing and consciousness.

Contact Sarleia to book a viewing to see or purchase an Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls that might resonate with you.

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