3 reasons to meditate

When we live in a busy city, it's easy to get caught up in the constant activity that our environment requires. From the rush of early morning traffic to lunch hour queues, it seems that we are always racing towards a goal.

Digital technology has made our lives convenient. Yet, this convenience may backfire and bring us more stress. It is so easy for us to work from our devices. Even as we wait for a taxi, we can contribute productively to a project.

The expectation to respond quickly or be in the know' is higher than ever. Coined as 'fear of missing out or FOMO, this modern-day hyper fixation on being productive inflicts all digital warriors connected to the broader world via a mobile device.

The pandemic allowed most of us to unplug as work and study routines are disrupted. We find ourselves with more time to spend on dinner and less time on running for the trains. But as Covid-19 measures ease, this strange unfamiliarity back into a 'business as usual' schedule can be jarring for some. You might feel some fear and anxiety about heading back to the workplace. It is essential to help manage these feelings while coping with dynamically changing situations.

Meditation is one way to help you balance. It might not eliminate your traffic stress or your nervousness at having to conduct face to face meetings again, but it can provide the mental shift needed to equip and brings inner peace and calmness.