3 ways to slow down and stay grounded during a busy month

In these challenging two years, the awareness and concern about mental health have increased. While restrictions are easing in Singapore and everywhere else, the lingering threat of virus variants hangs over us like a dark cloud. This sudden surge to return to normalcy can be overwhelming, and so we put together this quick guide of 3 ways to slow down and stay grounded during these busy months.

Staying grounded

What does it mean to stay grounded? According to this article from Harvard Business Review, it’s about staying anchored to reality and knowing that situations can happen out of our control. It is about awareness of our bodies and staying in the present moment. Here are three tips to help you stay grounded:

Tip 1: Meditate with mantra and affirmations

Mantras and affirmations are often used interchangeably. While they are slightly different in meaning, they both work to achieve the same purpose: lessen anxiety, keep you grounded and give you inner peace.