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3 ways to slow down and stay grounded during a busy month

In these challenging two years, the awareness and concern about mental health have increased. While restrictions are easing in Singapore and everywhere else, the lingering threat of virus variants hangs over us like a dark cloud. This sudden surge to return to normalcy can be overwhelming, and so we put together this quick guide of 3 ways to slow down and stay grounded during these busy months.

Staying grounded

What does it mean to stay grounded? According to this article from Harvard Business Review, it’s about staying anchored to reality and knowing that situations can happen out of our control. It is about awareness of our bodies and staying in the present moment. Here are three tips to help you stay grounded:

Tip 1: Meditate with mantra and affirmations

Mantras and affirmations are often used interchangeably. While they are slightly different in meaning, they both work to achieve the same purpose: lessen anxiety, keep you grounded and give you inner peace.

The word mantra in the Sanskrit language means “the thought that liberates and protects”. The root of the word “man” means to think, and “tra” means protecting or liberating. While a mantra is traditionally a religious chant in Buddhism or Hinduism to accompany meditations, it does not need any religious affiliations. A mantra can also reflect your solid beliefs, and its sound helps you achieve inner peace. Since mantra chanting typically focuses on sounds, saying them in your mind while you meditate to the sound of singing bowls such as the beautiful Charcoal Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl helps you stay grounded. Listen to the Charcoal Alchemy Crystal Singing bowl here.

On the other hand, an affirmation is an I- statement such as “I am”, “I will,” which also helps to make you more confident. Saying affirmations aloud to the sound of singing bowls also gives you the inner strength to carry out your intention.

Tip 2: Movement and the mind-body connection

We encourage you to put your work aside, play a song and move! Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes impact our bodies. What we do with our physical body can affect our mental health.

Different branches of science have agreed that there is an interrelationship between our bodies and minds. Neuroscientists, for example, have found evidence of ‘embodied cognition’, which means your mind and how it develops is related to your movement.

Embodied cognition research suggests that the more you move, the better you can manage your own emotions and your ability to learn and adapt. Therefore, moving and taking care of our bodies is essential to help reduce anxiety and stay grounded. Even if it is just a short walk, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more grounded.

Tip 3: Try to get close to nature in the morning

If you can walk on a bare patch of grass or soil and imagine yourself as a tree with roots reaching down, ask for the Earth to nourish you and ground your energy. This gentle action is widely practised to embrace your spirituality and anchors your mind to the present.

If you can, wake up in the morning. Scientific studies show that people living with fibromyalgia benefit when they experienced regular sleep and morning sun, reducing their pain. Indeed, the warmth of the sun can give you a much-needed reminder to slow down, embrace the moment and enjoy your presen

Busy on the outside, while maintaining our inner peace and stillness!

If you’ve been following us on Instagram for a while, you’ll know that we often put up videos of our singing bowls as well as #Mondaymantras for you as a dose of sound therapy which helps you stay grounded. For more wellness tips, why not follow us on IG @Sound Universe?


And if you need more crystal singing bowl recommendations to aid you to slow down and stay grounded. Chat with us online/inperson to find out more on how Sound and the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls could support you.

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