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Sound Universe International (SUI) has been in this field for more than ten years promoting and practising Sound Healing. We now offer personalised sessions that align to your individual needs. SUI use world-class instruments such as the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls made of precious metals, gemstones and minerals which produce exquisite consistent clarity and stimulating tones for your healing sessions, played by our professional Bowl Master practitioner.

We will create an acoustic environment where you can restore the imbalanced area to its natural resonant frequency of well-being.


Each person's vibratory rate is unique, so every session is customised to align with your current and most immediate need.

Private Individual Sound Healing (30mins) + Inclusive Counselling Session (30mins) S$280 per session:


Dedicate a personal self-care and nurturing session to restore and align your heart, mind and body. Our body is like an instrument that can be easily tuned to come back into alignment of well-being. By listening to the pure tones of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, your brainwaves and your nerves are able to gradually release any stress and anxieties thus clearing your mind and boosting your immunity. You will also receive personal guidance/counselling by Sarleia-Betty to support you further in personal transformation.


*In-Depth Sessions: Package of 3x for S$540. The regular tuning and maintenance of our body support and enhance our well-being.


Together-with-Friends Package (90mins) S$180 per person (Minimum 2 to 4 Maximum people).

For larger groups or corporate, please see here.


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