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Theo Yeh



Theo Yeh was the manager of a manufacturing company in Shanghai, China, for ten years. In 2008, he entered a huge turning point, and since then he began an inward exploration. In 2009 after connecting with Yantara, he has been supporting his expansion in Taiwan, and further extended to China and support in Japan.


He was inspired by the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls through Yantara Jiro and began distributing them to Taiwan (under the name Serpentine Space) and then expand to China. He believes that whatever benefits he has received from the bowls will support others in their journey too. 


Theo Yeh is a co-founder of SUI, laying the foundational system of the company along with Sarleia Betty and bridging new networks and collaborators around the world.


He loves sharing his extensive knowledge of holistic medicine and spiritual practices, as well as his experiences in his long, exciting journey of love and awakening. He is one of the facilitators for Sound Universe International courses teaching Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.


Theo graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Science in Germany and is multilingual, conversing in Mandarin, English, German and Japanese.

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