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Group Sound Healing and Meditation



The business world today operate in an extremely fast-paced and dynamic environment. We have seen burnout, mental health conditions and autoimmune diseases on the rise with the levels of stress people are now experiencing. Stress contributes to at least 95% of mental, emotional and physical imbalances. As a result, many people are feeling like they are just surviving and not thriving.


Studies have shown that employees are more likely to be on their peak performance when they are in optimal physical, emotional and mental health.

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At Sound Universe International, we offer a series of corporate wellness programmes both online or in-person that is tailored to suit your organisation's culture and needs. We are passionate about supporting businesses to nurture, build cohesiveness, and cultivating a co-creative environment within the well-being of leaders. We believe by empowering people from within; they are able to utilise their energy better and feel competent in their work.


The question for business is not how much a wellness & inclusive culture will cost to implement, but what the cost is of not creating it. Companies who are offering virtual wellness programs and virtual gatherings are seeing their employees staying productive, engaged and connected, despite working remotely from the office.

Heartmath's research on heart-brain coherence has shown that personal coherence will lead to greater efficiency, conservation of energy for better application leading to cohesive group coherence, especially within teamwork.

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Private Meditation Session/Coaching:

Resilient leadership is crucial in building and driving a resilient and thriving business. Leaders often find it challenging and struggle to share their mental distress. Sound Universe offers a private meditation session or coaching is specifically for the C-suite or senior management team where they have a safe and trusting space to de-stress and speak about their problems.


We work together with you to build and create a culture of wellness, having healthier and happier employees. Our team of sound healers will share useful techniques and practices to help your company staff to relieve stress, feel cared for, stay healthy and be productive.


Our wellness services include:

  • Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Meditation

  • Yoga Soundscape

  • Effective Guided Meditation

  • Coaching Pricing will be subject to a customised programme ranging from SGD$300 and above.

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