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Declutter & Reset for a New Year !

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Reset your vibrations to welcome the NEW YEAR!

🏠 Declutter the physical space 🏠

Donate or recycle items that no longer serve you. Refresh your living space for new incoming energies!


☑️ Declutter the headspace 🧠

Slowing down: Take some days off and if that is not possible - try eating, speaking and walking slower. The slowing down in your activities will influence your mind to be calmer.

Prioritise: The love of efficiency drives our thoughts to be everywhere, especially with the future. Build the awareness to prioritise your attention to the task before you. Enjoy the peaceful moment, and likely, increased focus translates to higher efficiency!

Organise: Reflect and not reject, even if this year has been too exciting! 😅😷 Whether it has been a year of growth, stagnancy, or complacency - we possibly have done the best that we could. A kind reminder that it is ENOUGH, and we are ENOUGH! Appreciate the past XX days of this year and more that have made you who you're now! Inspire your path to new beginnings in the New Year.

Relax & have fun: The human-machine needs time off! 😁 Dedicate self-care time to relax and shift your accelerator gear to a neutral mode. Pamper yourself with a massage, spa visit, afternoon tea with friends or do walks in nature.


❤️ Declutter the heart space ❤️

Bonding: Have a heart to heart talk with your heart! Journal or write a love letter to express your love and appreciation for the year. Take your time to feel deeply about your existence. What would you like to develop and grow?

Storage space: Melt your heart with marshmallows! As soft as possible, fill this space with loving and happy memories. The past had happened and cannot unwind. Practice forgiveness, acceptance and appreciation of the unpleasant memories. The more we love, the more we attract love in our life!

Our living environment, thoughts and emotions and are interconnected, which suggest that you do all three. So now you're ready to do your vision board for the New Year !

Visualise how you would like the New Year for you and the world!

Sound Universe wishes everyone an Amazing New Year! ❤️🥰

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