This instrument can be played with intuition and experimenting. Because of its size and light weight you can place it on the body of a person and use the instrument for sound massages. The instruments are great travel companions and fit in standard Keyboard soft or hard cases. You can string the Monochord, plug the strings or use wooden bamboo sticks ( included with the Monolina) to play the instrument.

A newly developed Vibro version of the Monolini and the Monolina made by using different strings and tuning.This version of the Monolini and Monolina is great if you want to use the instrument mainly for sound massage and less for vocal toning or making music, a different set of strings are available to create the maximised vibration. The different strings and tuning maximize the vibrational effect of the instrument while still creating overtone rich sounds to accompany voice work. This version comes without the 8 bridge inserts.


The Quaint Monolini offers more sound variety than the Monolini Monochord as the strings are tuned to the quint and octave and create an overtone rich sound space and more vibration. This is the perfect instrument if you want to do voice work with the instrument and sound massage.


The Monolina is 5 inch wider than the Monolini and has 34 instead of the 21 strings. 8 bridge inserts allow you to individually tune 8 of the 30 overtone strings to be able to play melodies. Great for voice work and complex sound spaces, sound experience and performance.


Preliminary neuroscience research shows that within 45 seconds, the Monolini/Monolina creates the "silence presence" and increases Alpha waves and decreases the anxiety of Beta waves.

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