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Transformations THROUGH
15th JULY 10AM TO 5PM 
with Yantara Jiro

Radiant Everyone!

Welcome to Vocal Alchemy ~ Transformations through the Voice workshop with Yantara Jiro on 15 July (Saturday) 2023 from 10 am to 5 pm. 

The human voice has been recognised and used for its transformative role in spiritual practices, invoking higher powers, healing and communicating with the Universe. From sacred chanting to singing hymns and songs, the voice can raise One's consciousness and vibrations to worlds beyond the physical.


The heart chakra, the centre of our emotional and spiritual force, tunes our spiritual antenna and bridges our consciousness with the quantum field. Sounds through our voice, instruments or full immersion in music can clear our meridians, open channels and deepen our connection with our True-Nature.

In this workshop, Yantara Jiro will share with us the keys through practices to free our voice for clearing our chakras and meridians. There will be various vocal exercises, such as toning using vowels, singing, and shifting past-life limitations related to the throat chakra.


The breath is deeply connected to our heart chakra, our SELF, and personal space. To open our voice is not only about trusting or making a sound but a journey to connect with our inner-self.

Yantara will also transmit through light languages to anchor the codes of light for spiritual vocal expressions into our energy body to awaken the innate potential of a healing voice within us.

Throughout this workshop, we will have pairing and group exercises that are fun and inspiring!

Participants are not required to have any music background or pre-vocal training to join.

Let's open our voices and let our hearts lead the way! The Vocal Alchemy awaits!

Vocal Alchemy Programme


- Freeing the Voice: Learn exercises to release inhibitions and limitations in your voice.


- Expanding the Lungs Capacity: Develop greater control over your breath and improve vocal projection through specific breathing exercises.


- Basic Vowels: Master the articulation and resonance of each vowel sound for vocal range and clarity.


- Creative Expressions through the Voice: Explore your voice's creative potential through exercises and improvisation. If time permits, you may even prepare and play the music of your choice so you can improvise along with it. (bluetooth to our player)


- Voice and Chakras: Discover how specific vocal tones can balance and activate the energy centers in your body.


- Pairing and Group Exercises: Develop harmony and synchronization with others through vocal exercises. Feel how vocal sound affects a person' energy body.


- Caring for Your Voice: Learn techniques for maintaining vocal health, hydration, and tension relief.


Get ready for a fun, interactive and heart opening Vocal Alchemy experience!

We will see you soon!


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15 JULY 2023, 10 AM – 5 PM SGT

The Teahouse Studio

41 Jln Pemimpin 03-04 Singapore 577186


Everyone is welcome,

Participants are not required to have any

music background or pre-vocal training to join


3-month payment plan is available via Atome. 


Strictly 18 participants. Book soon! 

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