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White Gold Alchemy Kyanite Mother of Platinum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl
White Gold Alchemy Kyanite Mother of Platinum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

White Gold Alchemy

Pure Etherion Gold frequencies dance through our White Gold bowl with surreal fairy-like energies of imagination, creativity and Inner Child overtones of joy and transformation. The master healer energies of Gold work powerfully with the Solar Plexus, enhancing self-esteem. artistic expression and prosperity. A chiffon-like blend of yellow and white gold unites with quantum-leap quartz crystal for a softer, subtler yet higher frequency that enhances self-confidence.



Powerful in energy clearing, Kyanite creates pathways of consciousness where formerly, there were none. Bridging auric and emotional blocks between individuals, it clears, opens and activates all chakras simultaneously and instantaneously. Kyanite is an extremely powerful transmitter and amplifier of high-frequency energies. It builds energetic bridges of light and information between incongruent aspects of the experience. This alchemy builds an energetic light bridge for a more harmonious connection and communication, opening psychic channels and activating mind centers. The Kyanite resonance accentuates mental capacities and improves one’s ability to “download” information for higher sources by linking the physical, astral and causal bodies.


Mother of Platinum

A natural fusion of pure quartz and platinum that creates a mother-of-pearl essence and opalescent finish and carries an energy of Venus, the matriarchal goddess of love. Microscopic bubbles added to the quartz produce a pastel elegance with a nurturing vibration of water elementals. The beautiful and spherical completeness of pearls represents an ever-present fullness of Spirit. Powerful and effective in working through emotional issues and giving birth to mature Divine Mother/Gaia energies in a sound stream of comfort.

Advanced Alchemy

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