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White Light Aura/Angel Gold Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

White Light Aura/Angel Gold Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

Akashic Connection

White Light Aura Gold - This alchemy helps in downloading Akashi information from the blueprint of your matrix. It bridges higher dimensional consciousness, especially for Star People, to the present. It soothes the separation of consciousness and eases anxiety. White Light Gold supports in developing and heightening spiritual awakening in physical reality. It also enhances psychic and channelling abilities. When infused with another alchemy, White Light Gold is able to upgrade and transform other elements into a higher Cosmic State of existence. 

- Yantara Jiro. 


Purity of the Heart

White Light Angel Gold - Illuminates the brilliance of Light within us. Serves to nourish our being through Divine Guidance. Bridges trust with self to bridge in alignment with Heart and Source Energy. Able to weave through stagnant energies and access cosmic wisdom. 

- Yantara Jiro

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