Language of the Heart Mandala T-Shirt

This Mandala was created with the pure intention of opening the heart to the Source within. It contains vibrational sound sequences in written form and Light Codings of the Universe.

It helps to open your heart chakra and connect to the Sun within.
Improves communication with people and enhances your healing potentials.


*Creative ways to use your magnificent T-Shirt*


1)Meditate while you are wearing it and feel your Central Sun. Keeping in your awareness the design of the mandala on your chest and express your source using your vocal chords. Go with the flow!


2)Feel if you are aware of any vibrations flowing from the design to your environment or people who are having a conversation with you and how they open themselves up. Feel goooood about yourself…


3)While air-drying your Mandala T-Shirt. Intend the mandala to harmonise and re-charge the vibrations of the environment.


4)Ask your friends to look at you T-Shirt while you are out with them and ask how they feel or any if thought arises.


5)Sing while wearing it.


Style 1 - 95% Cotten 5% Spandex , Round Necks & V Necks
Style 2 - 100% Cotten , Round Necks in Ladies & Mens cut

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