Welcome Home Ritual for your Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

The process of connecting with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl is beautiful and magical. It’s a great joy to be a part of it, and witness many extremely excited to bring or receive their alchemy crystal bowls back to their homes. ⁠

What guides you to place your Crystal Singing Bowls when they are home sweet home? ⁠

We have a suggestion for a “Welcome Home” ritual for the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls! ⁠


Welcome Home Ritual

You could say it loud or silently in your heart, “Welcome you (the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls) into my life and my home”.⁠

Find a comfortable space (preferably at the centre of your home), strike and play your bowls for a while. ⁠

You could also introduce the bowl (select one if there are a few) to your home by playing your bowl and walking around your space at the same time. ⁠