$180SGD per 60 mins

*Sound Healing ~ An ancient art modernized.

Practiced for thousands of years to support the body to detox, energize and heal. It is also used as a form of meditation to release negative thoughts and promote positive feelings.*

Now in times of wellness, Sound massage is a very popular and worldwide used technique for relaxation. This technique can be combined with various kinds of therapies of massage, in pedagogic, music- and physiotherapy. It is used worldwide in Kindergarten, rehabilitation centres, homes for the elderly and others.

Imagine lying down on a Sound Table equipped with a monochord at the curved bottom side; 70 strings tuned in C (based on 432hz principles) with an interval of one octave creating endless interweaving sound waves massaging deeply into your cells. 


Release ~ Energize ~ Detox ~ Heal. A deep relaxing sound bed experience and complimentary with 7 Tubular Bells designed to sonically influence and harmonize your whole energy field. The sound created by Sound Practitioner and the resonance inside your body receiving the sound massages, gives the impression of time-and-spacelessness.

In the absence of resistance, your body will begin to align with your “The Prime Resonant Frequency” (PRF) of well-being.

*What to expect during your treatment?*

You are encouraged to wear comfortable and loose clothing.

Relax and begin with a simple intent to receive the maximum benefits from the sound you are about to listen.

Sometimes the Sound Practitioner may verbally tone or sing along with the strings to add in the octaves and melodies for you.

The Sound Practitioner will provide a 10 minutes silence coming to the end of your experience. This will maximize the benefits your body have received, support in grounding and stimulate natural self-healing from the physical body.



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$180SGD per 60 mins

Imagine being surrounded by many beautiful and precious alchemy crystal singing bowls, all made with highest quality of clear quartz crystals (99.992% Pure Quartz)alchemically infused with precious gemstones, minerals and metals. Sounds that immediately let you experience your multi-dimensional selves, relax your mind and tune your chakras into greater expansion where healing and transformation can take begin.

A session that helps you release your blockages, uplift your potentials and unlock doors to opportunities in life; You will be amazed by how intricate the frequencies are while it pulsates into your body, communicating with your DNAs and cells working intelligently with your body.

People often report experiencing seeing bright lights in their vision, a heightened sense of Oneness and opening of the heart chakra to greater love and acceptance.

Whether you are seeking for an uplift, a boost or shift in your life or situation, you will find that the bowls are powerful and are your clear messengers.

*How will my treatment look like?*

An Alchemy Sound Bath Session begins with you lying down on a comfortable platform where you will be surrounded by our carefully selected singing bowls.

Our trained sound practitioner will ensure your comfort and to provide support at all times. Your healing session is a gentle yet powerful experience.

A simple guided meditation will be led to help you relax and enter into a state of allowing where positive energies will begin to flow to you.

Our sound practitioner will begin to play the bowls and bring you on a deep journey where the healing tunes begin.

A full session which includes a short consultation, healing treatment will leave you charged and tuned for many days. This refreshed state of being will support you to gain clarity in your life and often insights will surface during or after the session.


Alchemy Sound Bath Session
Regular S$180 (60mins)

Package Usage: Recommended at least 2 twice a month, 4 sessions to be completed by 3 months.
Package Promotion is non-transferable. All sessions are by appointments only. 

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