Gifts of Blessings

“Gifts of Blessings” is a guided meditation album designed to assist the listeners to allow their mind-body-heart to well-being. Every word is carefully spoken and recorded in the space of alignment with Source energy. Each track seeks to uplift the consciousness to greater heights, elevating the perspective of listener to gain clarity and insights into personal life.
We encourage you to listen from an environment that permits relaxation and attentiveness; At times according to personal intuition repeat selected tracks so as to set the rhythm of the new vibrations in constant motion. Your meditation are expected to be deepened and enhanced with each passing day. Your relationship with yourself will be improved and strengthened enabling firmer groundedness and connection to the Universal Web of Positive Energy.
Meditation allows my mind and heart to come together into a cohesive space of co-creation. It has brought me realisations, insights and inspirations throughout the years. I have gained so much through contemplation and practicing the art of allowing. Each meditation track here is an essence of my own transformation, journey and insights. It is of great joy that i am able to share them with you.

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