November 16th & 17th 10am-5pm

Experience a powerful two-day workshop on developing your vocal  techniques towards an uplifting and effective harmonic healing that can be used for sound healing.

Specially designed by Yantara Jiro, is an interactive easy-to-understand workshop that will support you with the opening of your voice in amazing healing ways.

The Basic Vocal Sound Healing Workshop is an excellent start for anyone. Covering the essential needs for one to progress further into more advanced sound work, personal development and public speaking.

The workshop includes: 
– Knowledge in Sound Healing Principles 
– Practical Exercises on Singing/Toning 
– Match Pitch/Octaves/Harmonics/Vowels 
– Easy to do Sound Healing Techniques 
– Tuning in into Inner Sounds ~ Personal and Others 
– Interactive Pairing and Group Exercises

You are NOT REQUIRED to have any pre-requisites such as singing talents or having had experience in vocal sound related work.

After the workshop, you will have sufficient knowledge to further progress on your vocal sound healing and self-training journey. You will be able to provide easy and effective vocal sound healing sessions to yourself and others to relieve stress; strengthen immune system; chakras alignment and harmonizing; deepen your meditation quality and much more.

You are encouraged to digitally voice-record your workshop for personal follow-up!

Date: November 16th-17th, 2013 (Singapore)  
Venue: 55 Chai Chee Drive #10-206  
Fees: S$420  
Time: 10am - 5pm

You are encouraged to digitally sound record your workshop for personal follow-up.

Yantara Jiro's Light Language Activation Youtube Clip: "Ancient Song ~ Source Expansion"

Yantara Jiro is a singer, visionary and inspirational leader in the field of energy and holistic healing transformation.

Yantara inspires to spread the message of love and harmony through music and the power of sound; creating platforms for people to step into their powers by expressing their inner voice. He frequently lead international sacred tours to vortexes such as Japan, Mt. Shasta, Egypt, U.K, Bosnia Pyramids and many more.

His debut 2-CD album ‘Star Journey’ was released in Taiwan 2012 and is currently selling in Singapore, Japan, U.S. and Canada.

He has also published his Chinese book, co-written with Record-Breaking Taiwanese Creative Writer Li-Xing-Ping, “Raising your Spiritual Antenna”. In his book highlighting the importance and benefits in connecting with our inner power; understanding on how to utilize our emotions and thoughts to create what we want; the power of sound and light language and other inspirational information on self-development.

His seminars and workshops are taught in over 8 countries around the world. Yantara teaches by sharing through his journey of spiritual awakening. He is dedicated to invoke the inner potentials into our personal alignment with our wholeness so as to co-create with the consciousness waves of global awakening.

Sound Universe
Sound Universe


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