Sound Healing Meditation with Anne Phey

Welcome to an evening of immersion in beautiful crystalline sounds and vibrations of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls that are healing and transformational for your heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Sound Healing is an ancient art that has been utilised for thousands of years as a tool for healing. It was rediscovered in the 1930s when acoustic researchers found ultrasound and its medical properties. Today, this ancient art of Sound Healing has rapidly developed into a new science.

Every object including our human body vibrates and has a natural vibratory rate, that is called its resonance. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, negative emotions and thoughts could cause dis-harmony or dis-ease in our body system. Sound Healing provides an environment where the body can restore the imbalanced area back to its natural resonant frequency.

Benefits of Sound Healing:
* Activate the parasympathetic nervous system (to relax and heal)
* Stress reduction.
* Reduces anxiety.
* Promotes deeper sleep.
* Deep relaxation through an alternation of brain waves.
* Cells receive a sonic massage.
* Promotes positive thoughts and emotions.
* Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition, and motivation.
* Release and clear self-limiting patterns of thoughts, behavior and habits that no longer serve you.

In every moment, when attention is placed beyond the ears, Sound can be experienced and felt internally and externally. This stimulates us on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. Transcending through the mind to quantum consciousness of infinite possibilities of new beginnings.

The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are made of 99.992% pure quartz infused with precious crystals, gemstones and/or minerals. Our entire human body down to our DNA is crystalline in structure, causing it to respond and resonate with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal.

No prior experience is required and beginners are most welcome! Door opens at 7pm. Do arrive at least 10 minutes earlier for registration. Wear comfortable, loose clothing for floor seating. Chairs are available upon request.

Date: 4 & 18 June
Address: 56 Havelock Road #21-142 Singapore 161056
Fee: S$38 (Cash or Paynow at the door)

RSVP now! Contact us at or +65 8822-1129. Thank you!
Anne Phey's profile
An International Certified coach in mindfulness, leadership & Sound.

Anne devotes her life to helping others discover the divine bliss that is our birthright. Her gentle, warm guidance will enable us to uncover our true self, realize our hidden gifts, overcome tribulations, heal and transform, and most importantly, live our lives to our true purpose. Anne is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, specializing in Mindful Leadership.

Since 2015, Anne created Sound Astrometry Quantum Healing, an expansive modality through which she teaches and shares, via channeled messages and songs, ancient Tibetan and Alchemy crystal singing bowls.

Anne integrates her personal life experience and extensive training as a Senior ISAMS Meta-clinical Aromatherapist, Master Reiki Teacher, Serenity Vibration Healing Teacher, Arhatic Yogi in Pranic Healing, practitioner in Sekhm, Numerology, Bazi, Fengshui and Masters in Arts and Business Administration (Change Management).

Her deep love for those she guides opens up possibilities with wisdom, transformation and power.

Sound Universe
Sound Universe


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