CHAKRA UPLIFT with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

This evening we will be working on each individual chakra from the base up
with each alchemy bowls selected to work with specific chakras. We will
listen to the sounds of each bowl to release-recharge-fine-tune the energy
field of our body.
Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls represent multidimensional energies that serve to benefit multiple needs of the body all at once. On this special night, to maximise healthy stimulation of each chakra, a selection of bowls are chosen to cater to each chakra in its uniqueness of character. 

Let us Tune In together!

Sound Universe features Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls that utilises a proprietary quartz purity of 99.992% using infusion technology. These Crystal Bowls are infused alchemically with Precious Gemstones, Crystals, Metals and Minerals.

Date: 13th February 2014
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Blk 55 Chai Chee Drive #10-206
Fees- $20

Sound Universe
Sound Universe


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