November Newsletter 2013

 "Aspen Vortex" by John Harris


Greetings Lovely Sound Explorers!

Exciting news from the month of November has come! Recently, Yantara Jiro returned to Salt Lake City in Utah to personally select a range of magnificent bowls for our clients. Each bowl embodies their own unique consciousness and intelligence and they too provide guidance on whom they will choose to return and be with.

“Sourcing bowls at the Source where the bowls gather before it travels to wherever it goes to truly spins your vortex high and deep. Imagine being surrounded by more than 6000 bowls at any given time buzzing you with more than 80-100 different elements (precious metals, rare crystals, minerals and gemstones). Certainly anyone would agree this is a singing powerhouse! My pleasure is when I get to interact with each bowl tuning in as I communicate inwardly to ask where or whom will they go to. The bowls are magnificent friends, guides and teachers. And best of all, you get to see all the latest alchemy bowls!” –Yantara Jiro
Some new bowls that Sound Universe will be getting are the Divine Kyron Bowl and the Anchi Crystal Singing Bowl and Palladium. The Divine Kyron Bowl is a collaboration and dedication to the consciousness of Kyron, it opens the portal of light within us and uplifts us to our highest potential, helping us through the art of recalibration and clearing. Another exciting element coming home to us is the Anchi Crystal Singing Bowl. Anchi is the oldest known crystal of at least 1.6 billion years. They are considered the oldest mineral on the planet and are called the Ancient Ones. These new set of selections are ready to tone you right into your vortex and upgrade your chakras and lightbodies. We will be playing with them soon! 
ON A RECENT TRIP TO SHANGHAI, Yantara jiro was connected with Wang Zhi Xuan an amazing painter who had left her soaring acting career for Tibet and spent 10 years with the mountains and the land of the sacred, returning to China with a whole series of Buddhas she had painted.

Leading to a collaboration that will be taking place on the 23rd of November at the Sheraton Hotel in Shanghai for a closing exhibition ceremony. The two of them will fuse their love and art with the use of precious Crystal Singing Bowls through Performance Art.

“The rehearsals in Shanghai reminded me of how beautiful and powerful the art of vocal sound healing is. Cosmic traveling as One meditates into the emptiness of space and allowing vocal sound to interact with another being painted a collage of internal mind art. Only the two of us could see it! And that is the reason it drew me to run the workshop again this November in Singapore!” - Yantara Jiro

November 16th & 17th 10am-5pm

*Minumum number of partcipants to start - 4

Experience a powerful two-day workshop on developing your vocal techniques towards an uplifting and effective harmonic healing that can be used for sound healing.

Specially designed by Yantara Jiro, is an interactive easy-to-understand workshop that will support you with the opening of your voice in amazing healing ways.

The Basic Vocal Sound Healing Workshop is an excellent start for anyone. Covering the essential needs for one to progress further into more advanced sound work, personal development and public speaking.

The workshop includes:
– Knowledge in Sound Healing Principles 

– Practical Exercises on Singing/Toning 

– Match Pitch/Octaves/Harmonics/Vowels 

– Easy to do Sound Healing Techniques 

– Tuning in into Inner Sounds ~ Personal and Others 

– Interactive Pairing and Group Exercises

You are NOT REQUIRED to have any pre-requisites such as singing talents or having had experience in vocal sound related work.

After the workshop, you will have sufficient knowledge to further progress on your vocal sound healing and self-training journey. You will be able to provide easy and effective vocal sound healing sessions to yourself and others to relieve stress; strengthen immune system; chakras alignment and harmonizing; deepen your meditation quality and much more.

Payment Options:

Fees: S$420 

We are planning exciting sound gatherings and workshops so keep an eye on all our sites and pages! 
Also! From the month of December, we will be introducing a whole new private sound healing session using our latest Sound Bed, handmade in Germany accompanied by the Alchemy Singing Bowls. ~

Private Sessions with Yantara Jiro

The session will begin with a consultation in which the client has the opportunity to express their requirements. Energy healing with sound can be done while sitting or lying. Understand how your emotions are the keys to assist in shifting your experience into a positive reality, whether its abundance, relationships, career or well-being.

The client will be kept informed on the healing techniques being used and these may include the following:

• Light Language sound codes for opening energy channels & reconfiguration

• Messages from Source
• Unification of the Lightbody of Oneness and the Golden Sphere

• Opening of the Heart
• Activations & rewiring of Brain Centers & Cellular Memory reconfiguration
• Dynamic emotional shifts to positive alignment 

Each Session: 
60mins (with CD recording)
Fees: S$220


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